"Marie Sherr is the ultimate pilates teacher and person. She is adorable, hands on and completely knowledgeable. I have been trying out the top teachers in New York City and can't find anyone who is as close to Marie in terms of expertise and devotion."
Nancy Shevell, New York City

"I have been working with Marie for a year and a half and her sessions are the only exercise I have ever looked forward to.  Marie is caring, fun to work with and sincerely devoted to the well-being of her clients. She has a thorough knowledge of Pilates, is clear with her instruction and is extremely attentive to body placement during every exercise.  Marie is always encouraging and motivating, while being tough when I need it.  She is an inspiring teacher who makes every session varied, interesting, and fun. I can't say enough in praise of Marie and I feel fortunate to have had the chance to work with her."
Heidi, New York City

"I have worked with Marie in Pilates training for close to 5 years. She is very conscientious, creative and personable. I will miss our weekly sessions."
Scott Weiss, New York City

"I took Pilates classes from Marie at my local YMCA, and even though I was terribly out of shape and not at all sure how I felt about exercising when I began, I had a great time. Not only did Marie make Pilates accessible, interesting, and fun, but I also saw results in my general fitness level within a couple of weeks. She has all the qualities that make great teachers great!"
Rachel Jimenz, Brooklyn, NY

"I have been taking Pilates lessons with Marie for years.  I used to be a pretty serious athlete until scoliosis and knee problems slowed me down, but Marie has kept me in excellent shape!  She is fastidious about correcting positions and careful with pre-workout stretching.  Always with the goal of improvement, she keeps it fun and changes up routines to eliminate monotony.  Marie is an enthusiastic teacher and enriches her own instruction by taking courses and classes.  She is a pleasure to work with and I highly recommend her to anyone who is seeking Pilates instruction in it's purest form. "
Georgia, New York City

"I love both Marie and her pilates floor class: the exercises were challenging yet great for all levels.  My core felt stronger after only a few classes.  Marie's strong, joyful, calming spirit was infectious!"
Elefteria Zagoreos, Brooklyn, NY

Marie Sherr has worked with me as a Pilates instructor for about two years. She is a wonderful instructor, helping me to be more flexible and to strengthen my "core" muscles. Because of her instruction, I think (knock on wood) that my back has not given me significant issues or pain for the past two years---a welcome relief from previous experience...She has focused on exercises which have helped me; Marie is also very reliable  and flexible in setting a schedule. With enthusiasm, I  recommend Marie as a Pilate Instructor. 
Jack Lentz, New York City

"Having MS makes it challenging to do conventional forms of exercise as it is a disease that is extremely unpredictable.  Pilates has been a liberating form of exercise in allowing me the freedom of getting a workout without the fear of further exacerbating my illness.Marie’s training and extensive experience has enabled her to cater each of our sessions to whatever the needs of that day are (whether it be pain management, strength, balance or flexibility).   She’s unique in that she genuinely cares about her clients and works to help us achieve the most we can out of our sessions.  At the end of our sessions I always feel significantly better than when I walked through the door and I credit her to my being able to maintain my mobility/flexibility.Marie is a true master of her craft and will most definitely be missed."
Jennifer, New York City

"It is with great sadness that I write this testimonial for Marie Sherr.  She will be sorely missed by me (because she is a sweetheart) and by my body (the following paragraphs). Over the years, I had diligently worked with a personal trainer at a gym near my home.  This involved cardio on the treadmill, weight training and a few balance exercises.  Certainly, I had muscles in my arms and legs.  I was pretty healthy, but I had no strength in my core.  My muscles were constantly in spasm, I had poor flexibility and I was utterly bored.  Six years ago, I made an intelligent and “enlightened” decision to take my tense and tightened muscles to Pilates and, specifically, Marie. She is hypervigilant  with regard to correct positioning and she pushes for a little more each session.  She excels at translating Pilates “concepts” into language that is meaningful to the client.  This allows for a sense of wholeness or continuum to define a series of sessions, giving it a clear sense of direction. Without Marie’s clear grasp of Pilates methodology, her consistent form of instruction, her cheerful validation and sparkling sense of humor, I could not have accomplished all that I have.  For my age (60), I have incredibly strong abs, great flexibility and no joint/muscle discomfort whatsoever.  Marie has made this all a pure pleasure. I heartily recommend Marie Sherr as a Pilates instructor."
Tondra Lynford, New York City